Professionally trained and experienced freight agents are working on the daily tasks in our office, without whom – together with the drivers – we can not work successfully. Since we have a large number of foreign clients beside our domestic partners, so the language skills of our colleagues are necessary for their job. They speak fluent Italian, English and German, which make them possible to carry out different tasks in foreign trade which are often required by our clients. Our freight agents prepare the quotations as well, giving freight rates beginning from 1 carton, 1 kg to palettised shipments regarding the number and weight of the palettes.

Our slogan „The Best Choice in Italy” also shows, that almost 100 % of our jobs are carried out in Italy including the isle of Sicily and Sardinia. When shipping to the isles we are in direct contact with the ferry companies, so the purchase of the ferry tickets is much more efficient regarding the costs as it would be by using an intermediary. I mentioned our flexibility which also applies to the delivery of the goods, which allows our customers to receive their goods either at the weekends or after working hours. I hope, that thanks to my description you will insight a little bit into the operation of our company , and you will be among our clients in the future.

Andrea Stark

managing director

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